Aiming Higher
We raise our clients’ exposure above
the crowd with techniques unmatched
by other sales and marketing methods.
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Going Further
With our fast-paced sales and marketing
solutions, we can go the extra mile for you
and your product line.
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The Sky is the Limit
We build successful entrepreneurs and
leaders from scratch through our extensive
employee development program.
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Our Mission

Our mission here at Ascend Promotions, Inc. is to ensure that we put the products we represent into the hands of as many new people as possible. We provide an unmatched form of exposure for our clients who are looking to develop their brand, awareness and name recognition delivered by a dynamic and personable group of people who love what they do.

Ascend Promotions, Inc.’s Impact

Ascend Promotions, Inc. provides clients with the very best in marketing and sales services. Valuing spontaneity and creativity, we believe that all of our clients deserve our full attention and ability. We aim to provide clients with personalized promotional strategies based on their industry requirements.


Ascend Promotions, Inc.’s Customer Impact

By providing customers the opportunity to learn about products before they purchase, and even experience them, we help them make informed purchasing decisions.

Ascending to New Levels of Client Results

Our team at Ascend Promotions, Inc. provides immediate and measurable results with promotional campaigns. Our direct approach to campaigning has proven to be one of the most successful ways of doing so.

We Rise to our Clients’ Challenges

We provide our services to a wide range of clients. This is all a result of our diverse client portfolio, which has given us the experience to be able to implement our promotional campaigns in a number of different environments.